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Brown Butter Beauty is an artisan beauty self-care brand based in Brooklyn New York. Our products are inspired by my deeply rooted love of nature and art. We create our own professional grade herbal extracts, decoctions, and plant infusions which is used throughout our entire collection. We use skin-loving natural oils, roots, clays, botanicals, flowers, essential oils and safe fragrances sourced from around the world. All of our ingredients are cruelty free and our products are never tested on animals!

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Empower Yourself: 30 Feel-Good Affirmations That Every Woman Needs to Hear

When it comes to embracing positivity, the words we speak have a great influence. However, the most pivotal power lies in verbalizing them and truly believing them. Our minds tend to be overwhelmed by negative energies daily, thus it is essential to nurture positivity within ourselves. A phenomenal way to do this is through positive affirmations. By engaging in them regularly, we are able to take control of the way our mindset operates. To form a habit out of these affirmations, incorporate them into something you do each day such as brushing your teeth.

We obsess over Every Ingredient

We have been in business since 2009 and in that time we have sourced a selection of small businesses providing exceptional premium quality ingredients and sustainability. We choose to only partner with the best! Beautiful products come from beautiful ingredients!

Customer reviews
I love this hair cream so much! It keeps my coils moisturized and defined! It has a nice light smell and I don't need to use a ton for my hair. I've been using this product for almost a year, washing my hair once a week and the growth and thickness has been ridiculous! This is the real deal!
— Tiffany
My favorite shampoo bar. Lathers so well, leaves my hair feeling healthy and not stripped, and has a lovely subtle scent.
— Amy
EVERYTHING from BrownButterBeauty has been excellent quality! I have super sensitive skin and no irritation at all and I use her products every day! Highly recommend her this scrub! Skin is so soft! Thank you!
— aafjones
Ordering from Brown Butter Beauty is always such a treat! They provide top-tier quality products, fast shipping, and friendly customer service. The buying experience is so easy and the same quality, care, and attention to detail reflected in the brand is truly reflected in their products. They feel and perform how they look - truly luxe!
— T F
This conditioner is a MIRACLE! My hair developed a ton of tangles this year after lots of processing, but when I used this product I felt them melt away at the lightest application. I LOVE that there's no oily feeling/buildup afterwards either, as that's always a worry of mine. Also very pleased with the lightning fast shipping, and beautiful look of the product/brand as well. THANK YOU, will be a repeat customer for sure!