About Brown Butter Beauty

We are a small-batch beauty lifestyle brand that is rooted in the love of nature and handmade artistry. We create products that reflect our passion for plants and herbs and love for artsy things. We believe that nature is the greatest source of beauty.

At our core lies a desire to craft innovative products that serve as both aesthetic and practical additions to your beauty routine. We specialize in premium small-batch beauty items drawing from the wisdom of herbalism and its range of plants and herbs. Our creations embody the utmost care, only utilizing premier elements and handcrafted with traditional herbalist methods. This commitment to excellence carries through in our entire production process—from sourcing ingredients to delivering customer service.


The Founder

My ardent desire is to make women feel radiant and confident. I believe that when women are empowered, they have the strength to conquer any feat. This lesson was one that I learned through experience as I embarked on my pursuit of a successful career - the importance of taking time for self-care and nourishment in order to keep a healthy balance. Thus, while working full-time as a photographer, I started crafting hair and skincare products, which were shared among family and friends before being put up for sale at local craft fairs. Encouraged by the overwhelming response in 2007, I made the decision to expand my product line and began venturing into online sales.

Investigating new, unique ingredients from around the globe and the advantages it has for skin and hair is a passion of mine. As an artist, my goal is to bring out all senses in my creations - not only should the product be efficient, but I relish in incorporating  luxuriant textures and invigorating aromas into each item. For spring and summertime, I take pleasure in infusing oils with organic blossoms and herbs such as calendula, jasmine, nettle, chamomile and rose.

My aspiration is to formulate natural ingredient based products, yet I'm not a purist. Firmly established guidelines constrict the amounts and methods of fragrances in my items. Fragrances are exclusively employed at concentrations and conditions revealed to be safe through safety data sheets supplied by ingredient manufacturers. My offerings vary between 90% and 100% naturally derived ingredients.

I have completely forsaken paraben preservatives in all my formulations. All ingredients and products are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, with neither finished products nor their component parts being tested on animals. 

I utilize recycled materials for packaging and shipping items in an environmentally responsible manner.



Christine Gant
Herbalist, Photographer, Mixed Media Artist