Healthy Scalp Serum | Hair and Scalp Oil | Hair and Scalp Treatment with Rosemary Oil

$ 12.00

Transform your hair with a soothing scalp massage and experience the amazing power of our Healthy Scalp Serum oil treatment. Our 100% natural, high-quality oil will help to nourish, soothe, and hydrate your scalp. Massaging the scalp while using our scalp oil helps to increasing circulation in order to promote healthy growth. Additionally, the therapeutic properties of our hand-selected luxury oils can soothe flaking or itching scalps. Not only does using our scalp serum oil treatment come with all these benefits for healthier hair but it's also incredibly relaxing; use it as an opportunity for undisturbed self care and take some time out from everyday stress by indulging in this luxurious ritual today!


You can also use this oil as a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment. It’s non-greasy but very nourishing. It helps to soothe and conditions the scalp.  This oil blend works great on all hair types. Also great for sealing in moisture on hair ends!

On dry hair apply 15-20 drops of oil to the scalp and gently massage using circular movements with the pads of your fingertips or with the fleshy part of the palm just above your wrists for 5 minutes. For extremely dry hair, add oil to hair length and ends. Depending on your hair texture, you can leave oil in or wash out.

For use as a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment, apply 15-20 drops of oil to the scalp and gently massage in for 5 minutes, wrap hair in a warm towel for 20 minutes then was out  and condition as usual.

Key Ingredients:
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Acai Pulp Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Rosemary Oil, Monoi de Tahiti Oil, Lemon Oil, Litsea cubeba oil 

**Always do a patch test before using a new product. Whether a product is made with essential oils, natural ingredients or artificial fragrances — there's always a risk of allergic reactions. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.