Herbal Hair Tea Rinse | Organic Herbs

$ 9.95

Hair Tea Rinses are conditioning treatments that moisturize and strengthens the hair.

Ingredients: Organic Burdock Root, Organic Comfrey Root, Organic Neem,
Organic Chamomile, Organic Nettle, Organic Black Walnut Hull, 
Organic Calendula Flowers, Organic Marshmallow Root & Lemongrass leaf oil.  Freshly dried organic herbs. Each tea bag is individually wrapped for freshness.

4" X 5" Large Tea Bag of Organic Herbs
Each Bag is one time use
External Use Only - Not for Drinking
Sold in packs of 2 tea bags and 5 tea bags ( .40 ounces of herbs in each tea bag)

2 pack = .80 oz of herbs total

5 pack =  2oz of herbs total 


Method#1: Add a tea bag to a large pyrex glass cup or bowl and fill with (16-32oz) boiling water and cover. Steep for 30 minutes. When the tea is cool, apply to scalp and hair and massage thoroughly. When pouring tea onto hair and scalp, hold a bowl at the end of hair strands to catch the tea and re-apply. Repeat several times. Leave in or rinse out if desired. Use this method on clean hair before or after conditioning.

Method#2:  Steep tea bag for 30 minutes, then let cool. Add infused tea mixture to spray bottle. Spray the tea mixture onto your hair & scalp and massage. Leave in or rinse out if desired. You can store the herbal infused mixture for up to 2 days. If refrigerated, up to 1 week in a spray bottle and spritz hair throughout the day.


**Always do a patch test before using a new product. Whether a product is made with essential oils, natural ingredients or artificial fragrances — there's always a risk of allergic reactions. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.