Scrubs work wonders for dull dry dehydrated skin.  Body scrubs slough of dead skin and dirt, revealing bright radiant skin. It also improves the skin's absorption of your other skincare products so they perform better.  Scrubs can unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs which will leave your skin soft and smooth.

When purchasing body scrubs, look for natural exfoliating granules such as sea salt, sugar, ground walnut hulls, or coffee grounds.  

Avoid using scrubs on sensitive, irritated or freshly shaven skin.  Always use scrubs before shaving not after!

Dermatologists  recommend exfoliating your skin twice a week. More than that runs the risk of skin irritation.  For sensitive skin, you may want to just use a body scrub once a week.


If you are looking for a great body exfoliant try our best sellers!



rose body scrub

Rose Neroli Body Polish -  This exfoliating body scrub instantly makes your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant. This product provides an effective scrub without aggravating the skin, buffing away dead skin cells to leave the body with an incredibly soft feel. 

lemongrass sugar scrub

Lemongrass Brown Sugar Body Polish - Pure cane sugar + brown sugar blended with the finest oils results in a natural  stimulating exfoliant.

March 15, 2022